Allora Mill Run

Allora Mill Run

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Millrun is a by-product of making Flour from Wheat. It is a product that can be fed to all Animals and is more than a filler, it has the same nutritional value as wheat even with the flour extracted.

Being a by-product, it is highly digestible and ready to use.

Bran and Pollard makes Millrun. When Wheat is milled into a powder to make Flour, the coarser particles is Bran, the finer particles is Pollard with the finest particles; Flour.

Millrun is the combination of Bran and Pollard usually 60% Pollard 40% Bran depending on the Wheat they are processing.

Storage: This product should be stored in a cool, shaded, and dry place free from vermin.

Packaging: 20kg Bag