4x2 Baked Biscuits 10kg box

4x2 Baked Biscuits 10kg box

Evolution Naturals
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Evolution 4×2 dog biscuits have been carefully baked to a traditional recipe, to meet the dietary feeding needs of greyhound breeds and show dogs.

Balanced ingredients, provide optimum levels of supplementary nutrition as well as promote dental hygiene by cleaning teeth, exercising gums and jaw muscles.

Easily soaked they can be combined with broth, milk or warm water. Served dry, provides a tasty nourishing reward or treat.

Key Benefits

  • Provides an optimum level of supplementary nutrition through the carefully balanced ratios of protein, fat, fibre, and micro ingredients
  • Greater flexibility in controlling feeding weight as each 4×2 biscuit offers a consistent weight of 32g
  • Low in fat

 Metabolic Energy is 121kcal per 32g Biscuit