Retractable Leash 3M 12kg And Under Rd

Retractable Leash 3M 12kg And Under Rd

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Let your dog roam free during walking time with Pet One Retractable Leash. Using a retractable belt, this allows for smooth movement for your dog to run freely, and at the same time the inner spring mechanism keeps the belt under slight tension. The lock option also allows for ease in control so you can determine how far your pet can wander ahead. Let your pet run to their hearts content with Pet One Retractable Leash Range.

Features & Benefits:

  • The retractable belt is available in 3 metres for smaller dogs or 5 metre for larger dogs for ultimate distance
  • The handle is specially moulded to provide a comfortable grip
  • Lock option available to allow greater control of your dog
  • High quality plastic shell that is sturdy and durable for extended use
  • Available in a range of colours and stylish designs

Suitable for: Dogs