BettaArc Betta Kit With LED Base Light 1.2L Silver

BettaArc Betta Kit With LED Base Light 1.2L Silver

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Create a beautiful Betta tank display with the Aqua One BettaArc! See how easy it is to keep Betta fish with this all in one kit that will look great on any desktop! The LED base light creates a luminous effect that will light up the vibrant colours of your Betta fish to create a striking effect.

The BettaArc is available in a stylish curved design in Black or Silver.

Features and Benefits:

• Complete kit ready for fish

• Features LED base light

• Stylish curved design

• Safety lid to prevent fish jumping

• Easy to assemble and maintain

• Ideal tank for office desktops

• Great for beginners

• Batteries are not included


Kit Includes:

• 1 x 1.2 Litre BettaArc (Black or Silver)

• 1 x 20mL Betta Water Conditioner

• 1 x 150g Aquarium Gravel (Black & White)

• 1 x 3g Betta Pellet Food

• 1 x Plastic Ornamental Plant